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The fair will be officially opened on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, by the Chairman of the Board of DSV e.V. Kai Scheffler.

The lecture program will take place in the Glashaus, right next to the Arena.


10:30–12:00 a.m.
Presentation of the guideline for the control of rats in the canal

  • Andreas Groß, DSV e.V.
  • Dr. Ulrich Ahrens
    Dr. Ahrens Schädlingsbekämpfung GmbH

Baiting in the canal has long been a major point of discussion within the industry and the authorities involved. The DSV has developed a guideline for action, which will be presented and explained in the discussion.

13:00–14:00 p.m.
European challenges for pest control

  • Marc Aubry, CEPA President

Europe and European harmonization has multiple impacts on the pest control industry. As President of CEPA, Marc Aubry gives an insight into current issues and challenges that have a direct impact on the work of all pest controllers.

14.30–15:15 p.m.
Sustainable concepts in modern pest control 

  • Ulf Kremling,
    Bayer CropScience Deutschland GmbH

K-Othrine Partix - 50% less active ingredient, equally strong effect
Harmonix Monitoring Foam - new tool for targeted application of rodenticides
Harmonix Rodent Paste - rodenticidal active ingredient without dangerous goods classification


09:30–10:30 a.m.
Development of monitoring in the last 10 years - everything new?

  • Ulrich Lachmuth, formaco pmc ag

Exactly 10 years ago, monitoring was already the subject of a presentation at the Eurocido. What has happened since then? Are there groundbreaking new monitoring methods, have the demands on monitoring changed, what does monitoring do today? An interim status - the development continues.

11:00–12:30 p.m.
Are pesticides still required?

  • Stefan Endepols,
    Bayer CropScience Deutschland GmbH
  • Dr. Marcus Tensfeldt, hentschke + sawatzki CHEMISCHE FABRIK GmbH
  • Steffen König, Frowein GmbH & Co. KG
  • Tim Kirchhoff, traplinked GmbH

The use of many pest control products is subject to the condition that no other methods and measures are available. Is it possible to replace all products so that hazardous substances are no longer necessary? This will be highlighted and discussed with the stakeholders.

14:00–14:45 p.m.
SecureChoice Monitoring-System

  • Davina Abella & Kai Sievert,
    Syngenta Agro AG

SecureChoice® Monitoring System is an innovative plug-and-play solution that provides cost-effective rodent monitoring 24 hours a day. It alerts you only when rodent activity is detected and assists you in targeted control in any facility.