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List of exhibitors

Anticimex GmbH & Co. KG | Booth A203

Anticimex GmbH & Co. KG


Hammerbrookstr. 47a
20097 Hamburg


Phone +49 40 7392450
Fax +49 40 73924514

Company portrait

Anticimex - The modern pest control company

Founded in Sweden in 1934, Anticimex is now one of the world's leading pest control companies with over 190 offices in 20 countries. In Germany, we create solutions to problems with pests, birds and pigeons through our nationwide technician network, consisting of over 240 experienced pest controllers and 5 branches. The head office in Germany is in Hamburg. We serve approximately 19,000 corporate customers throughout Germany with over 100,000 treatments per year.

Anticimex is a pioneer in the development of effective & sustainable pest control concepts for communities, companies and private individuals. Anticimex SMART plays a formative role in this. This is a monitoring & control concept that completely avoids the use of poison. In addition, the monitoring and trapping systems used in the concept can communicate wirelessly with each other and record the movements and catches of pests around the clock and transmit them to our data center. Complete online documentation for authorities and auditors is also guaranteed.

The advantages of Anticimex SMART over traditional pest control are obvious:

  • Proactive monitoring allows infestations to be eradicated before problems arise
  • Accurate statistics on catch success and pest activity - knowledge instead of belief
  • No use of poison - good for people & environment
  • The monitoring & trapping systems make holistic control possible - underground as well as above ground

Learn more about Anticimex SMART at: www.anticimex.de/smart

We are Anticimex - become a part of it

As service heroes, we try to solve our customers' problems with the greatest expertise and best possible service. We always focus on sustainable & modern solutions such as Anticimex SMART. We are always looking for new colleagues who want to change the world of pest control with curiosity and commitment. Become a part of the Anticimex family!

And what can you expect from us?

  • Swedish genes - family atmosphere
  • We shape modern pest control
  • Local teams - global collaboration
  • We accelerate personal development

Learn more about career opportunities with us at www.anticimex.de/karriere
Visit jobs.anticimex.com to view our job openings.